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Peacocke, Mrs. Ella (beaufort)

An American girl, who, believing that her despicable husband was dead, married Henry Peacocke. When he came back, she and Mr. Peacocke went to England, where they were employed at Dr. Wortle’s school. The first husband’s brother followed them and attempted to blackmail them, but finally admitted that his brother had since died. Dr. Wortle performed another ceremony, and they were at last legally married..

"She was a woman something over thirty years of age when she first came to Bowick, in the very pride and bloom of woman's beauty. Her complexion was dark and brown.... Her eyes were brown, and her eye-brows black, and perfectly regular. Her hair was dark and very glossy, and always dressed as simply as the nature of a woman's head will allow. Her features were regular, but with a great show of strength" - Dr. Wortle's School