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Neroni, Signora Madeline (Stanhope)

The younger daughter of the Rev. Dr. Vesey Stanhope, who had married a dissolute Italian, been cruelly treated by him and returned to her father’s house, a cripple, and with a daughter. She was selfish, self-centered and ruthless in her demand for attention from all male admirers.

"The beauty of her face was uninjured, and that beauty was of a peculiar kind. Her copious rich brown hair was worn in Grecian bandeaux round her head, displaying as much as possible of her forehead and cheeks. Her forehead, though rather low, was very beautiful from its perfect contour and pearly whiteness. Her eyes were long and large, and marvellously bright .... The eyelashes were long and perfect .... Her nose and mouth and teeth and chin and neck and bust were perfect" - Barchester Towers