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Mollett, Matthew

After deserting his wife and child in London, he went to Dorsetshire where, under the name of “Talbot,” he married Mary Wainright. He soon left her, and after his reported death she married Sir Thomas Fitzgerald. Mollett returned to blackmail Sir Thomas by threatening to prove that his three children were illegitimate. Staggered by the demands made upon him, Sir Thomas died, but his lawyers traced the first wife and proved that the Fitzgerald marriage was legal.

"He was a hale hearty man, of perhaps sixty years of age, who had certainly been handsome, and was even now not the reverse. Or rather, one may say, that he would have been so were it not that there was a low, restless cunning, legible in his mouth and eyes, which robbed his countenance of all manliness. He was a hale man, and well preserved for his time of life; but, nevertheless, the extra rubicundity of his face, and certain incipient pimply excrescences about his nose, gave tokens that he lived too freely" - Castle Richmond.