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Lopez, Ferdinand

An adventurer, who married Emily Wharton in spite of parental opposition and tried to force her to obtain money from her father for his own use. He contested the Silverbridge borough against Arthur Fletcher, thinking that he had the backing of the Duchess of Omnium but was defeated. Having lost the respect of his acquaintances, and being utterly without money, he tried to go to Guatemala to manage a mining property. When that failed, he threw himself before a train and was killed. One of the principal characters in The Prime Minister.

"It was known of him that he had been at a good English school.... at the age of seventeen, he had been sent to a German university, and at the age of twenty-one had appeared in London, in a stockbroker's office, where he was soon known as an accomplished linguist, and as a very clever fellow ... He was certainly a handsome man, - his beauty being of a sort which men are apt to deny and women to admit lavishly. He was nearly six feet tall, very dark, and very thin, with regular, wellcut features ... His hair was cut short, and he wore no beard beyond an absolutely black moustache. His teeth were perfect in form and whiteness ... he was essentially one of those men who are always, in the inner workings of their minds, defending themselves and attacking others" - The Prime Minister