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Linlithgow, Penelope, Lady (also ‘Susanna’)

Lizzie Eustace’s aunt, with whom she lived in London after her father’s death, and who engineered Lizzie’s marriage to Sir Florian.

'... worldly, stingy, ill-tempered, selfish and mean. ... She would tell any number of lies to carry a point .. It was said of her that she cheated at cards. In backbiting no venomous old woman between Bond Street and Park Lane could beat her, - or, more wonderful still, no venomous old man at the clubs. ... the old woman was not tall; - but her face was long, and at the same time large, square at the forehead, and gave her almost an appearance of height. Her nose was very prominent, not beaked, but straight and long, and broad at the bridge, and of a dark-red colour. Her eyes were sharp and grey. Her mouth was large, and over it there was almost beard enough for a young man's moustache. Her chin was firm, and large and solid. Her hair was still brown, and only just grizzled in parts.' - The Eustace Diamonds.