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Larochejaquelin, Agatha De

Sister of Henri, and cousin of Charles and Mme de Lescure. She was loved by Adolphe Denot, a friend of Henri, and when she refused his hand, he joined the Republicans and led them back to her home in an attempt to abduct her. She was also loved by the peasant general Cathelineau, who was brought back to be nursed by her when mortally wounded.

"Her complexion was clear and bright, her forehead was white, and the colour in her cheeks, when she had colour there, was that of the clearest carnation.... her figure was exquisitely perfect, and her gait was that of a queen. She was the Rose of Poitouthe beauty and queen of the whole district. She was all but worshipped by the peasantry around her; if they admired her beauty much, they much more strongly appreciated her virtues" - La Vendee