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Hotspur, Sir Harry

When Sir Harry Hotspur’s only son died, the tide reverted to a worthless nephew, George, though all the property was to go to Emily Hotspur, the only daughter. George made love to Emily, but Sir Harry had his daughter’s promise not to marry without his consent, and he refused to allow the marriage.

"He was a handsome man with grey hair, bright, keen eyes, and arched eyebrows, with a well-cut eagle nose, and a small mouth, and a short dimpled chin.... He was a proud man, with but few intimacies, - with a few dear friendships which were the solace of his life.... never assuming aught, deferring much to others outwardly, and showing his pride chiefly by a certain impalpable noli me tangere, which just sufficed to make itself felt and obeyed" - Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite