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Harcourt, Caroline (waddington), Lady

Granddaughter of George Bertram, Sr., though not acknowledged by him in her youth. She was brought up by her aunt Miss Baker in Littlebath, and on a journey with her to the Holy Land met George Bertram, with whom she fell in love. Refusing to marry him because of his inadequate income, she finally married Sir Henry Harcourt, who almost immediately commanded her to obtain money from her grandfather to support an extravagant menage in London. She refused, came to hate him, and returned to live in seclusion with her grandfather. After her husband’s suicide, Caroline and George were reconciled, and finally married.

"...a Juno rather than a Venus. She was tall.... Her head stood nobly on her shoulders, giving to her bust that case and grace of which sculptors are so fond.... Her hair was very dark-not black, but the darkest shade of brown, and was worn in simple rolls on the side of her face. It was very long and very glossy, soft as the richest silk, and gifted apparently with a delightful aptitude to keep itself in order.... She had the forehead of a Juno; white, broad, and straight.... Her mouth had all the richness of youth, and the full enticing curves and ruby colour of Anglo Saxon beauty.... The contour of her face was admirable: nothing could exceed in beauty the lines of her cheeks or the shape and softness of her chin" - The Bertrams