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Fletcher, Arthur

A neighbor of the Wharton family in Herefordshire, who had loved Emily Wharton since childhood. When she married Ferdinand Lopez he was greatly distressed, knowing the man’s reputation and fearing the inevitable suffering Emily must endure. Persuaded by his friend Frank Gresham to contest Silverbridge he found himself opposed by Lopez, and tried vainly to withdraw. Lopez was defeated and shortly after committed suicide. After a lapse of some time Arthur renewed his suit, and he and Emily were married

."...the very pearl of the Fletcher tribe. Though a younger brother, he had a very pleasant little fortune of his own. Though born to comfortable circumstances, he had worked so hard in his younger days as to have already made for himself a name at the bar. He was a fair-haired, handsome fellow, with sharp, eager eyes, with an aquiline nose and just that shape of mouth and chin which ... [are] regarded as characteristic of good blood. He was rather thin, about five feet ten in height, and had the character of being one of the best horsemen in the county.... He looked like one of those happy sons of the gods who are born to success" - The Prime Minister.