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Fenwick, Mrs. Janet (balfour)

The charming wife of the Vicar of Bullhampton, and close friend of Harry Gilmore and Mary Lowther.

"Mrs. Fenwick is as good a specimen of an English country parson's wife as you shall meet in a county, - gay, goodlooking, fond of the society around her, with a little dash of fun, knowing in blankets and corduroys and coals and tea; knowing also as to beer and gin and tobacco; acquainted with every man and woman in the parish; thinking her husband to be quite as good as the squire in regard to position, and to be infinitely superior to the squire, or any other man in the world, in regard to his personal self; a handsome, pleasant, welldressed lady, who has no nonsense about her" - The Vicar of Bullhampton.