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Denot, Adolphe

A school friend of Henri Larochejaquelin, and a constant visitor at Durbellire, where he came to love Agatha, Henri’s sister. Rejected by her, he joined the Republicans and led them against the chateau in an effort to seize her. Half mad with jealousy and pride he disguised himself, rejoined the Royalists, and as the “Mad Captain” became the leader of “La Petite Vendee in Brittany, and was killed at Laval

."...he had beautifully white teeth, an almost feminine mouth, a straight Grecian nose, and delicately small hands and feet; but he was vain of his person, and ostentatious; fond of dress and of jewellery. He was, moreover, suspicious of neglect, and vindictive when neglected; querulous of others, and intolerant of reproof himself; exigeant among men, and more than politely flattering among women .... Those who knew him least ... liked him best" -  La Vendee.