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Daly, Tom

MFH of the Galway Hounds in County Galway, and a fierce enemy of the Landleaguers because they prevented hunting out of spite to the “gentry.”

"Black Daly was a man quite as dark as his sobriquet described him. He was tall, but very thin and bony, and seemed not to have an ounce of flesh about his face or body. He had large, black whiskers, - coarse and jet black, which did not quite meet beneath his chin.... He had great dark eyes in his head, deep down, so that they seemed to glitter at you out of caverns. And above them were great bushy eyebrows, every hair of which seemed to be black, and harsh, and hard.... For him foxhunting-foxhunting for others-was the work of his life" - The Landleaguers