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Carbury, Sir Felix

Trollope’s most perfect picture of a cad. After spending his own fortune, he beggared his mother and sister, and as a last resort planned to elope with Marie Melmotte. He gambled away the money she stole from her father for their expenses, and failed to keep his tryst. Through the interest of Lady Carbury’s friends he was finally sent off to Germany in charge of a parson, with no means allowed him for his return.

"His heart was a stone. But he was beautiful to look at, ready-witted, and intelligent. He was very dark, with that soft olive complexion which so generally gives to young men an appearance of aristocratic breeding. His hair, which was never allowed to become long, was nearly black, and was soft and silky.... His eyes were long, brown in colour, and were made beautiful by the perfect arch of the perfect eyebrow. But perhaps the glory of the face was due more to the finished moulding and fine symmetry of the nose and mouth than to his other features .... The form of his chin too was perfect .... He was about five feet nine in height, and was as excellent in figure as in face" - The Way We Live Now.