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Carbury, Roger

Head of the Carbury family, and Squire of Carbury Hall, Suffolk. A second cousin of Felix and of Henrietta, whom he wished to marry. Trollope used him as a mouthpiece for his own denunciation of the hollowness and evil practices of certain phases of English society life.

"At present he was not much short of forty years of age, and was still unmarried. He was a stout, good-looking man, with a firmly set square face, with features finely cut, a small mouth, good teeth, and well-formed chin. His hair was red, curling round his head, which was now partly bald on top. He wore no other beard than small, almost unnoticeable whiskers. His eyes were small, but bright, and very cheery when his humour was good. He was about five feet nine in height, having the appearance of great strength and perfect health. A more manly man to the eye was never seen." - The Way We Live Now.