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Carbuncle, Mrs. Jane

Aunt of Lucinda Roanoke, and confidante and at one time housemate of Lizzie Eustace. Of uncertain past, but seeming present prosperity, she was a hanger-on of wealthy and titled London society.

."...certainly a handsome woman. She was full-faced with bold eyes, rather far apart, perfect black eyebrows, a well-formed broad nose, thick lips, and regular teeth. Her chin was round and short, with, perhaps, a little bearing toward a double chin ... the wonder of her face was its complexion.... But, though that too-brilliant colour was almost always there, covering the cheeks but never touching the forehead or the neck, it would at certain moments shift, change, and even depart. There was no chemistry on Mrs. Carbuncle's cheek, and yet it was a tint so brilliant and so transparent, as almost to justify a conviction that it could not be genuine" - The Eustace Diamonds