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Brattle, Jacob

The miller at Bullhampton, a tenant of Squire Gilmore. Father of Sam, Fanny, Carry, George and Mrs Jay

"...had ever been a hardworking, sober, honest man. But he was cross-grained, litigious,moody and tyrannical ... a low, thickset man, with an appearance of great strength, which was now submitting itself, very slowly, to the hand of time. He had sharp green eyes, and shaggy eyebrows, with thin lips, and a square chin, a nose which, though its shape was aquiline, protruded but little from his face. His forehead was low and broad.... His hair and very scanty whiskers were grey.... He was a silent, sad, meditative man, thinking always of the evil things that had been done to him". - The Vicar of Bullhampton.