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Boncassen, Isabel

An American girl of great beauty, who married Lord Silverbridge.

"She was slight, without that look of slimness which is common to girls, and especially to American girls. That her figure was perfect the reader must believe on my word, as any detailed description of her arms, feet, bust, and waist, would be altogether ineffective. Her hair was dark brown and plentiful; but it added but little to her charms, which depended on other matters.... It was ... the vitality of her countenance, - the way in which she could speak with every feature, the command which she had of pathos, of humour, of sympathy, of satire, the assurance which she gave by every glance of her eye, every elevation of her brow, every curl of her lip, that she was alive to all that was going on, -i t was all this rather than those feminine charms which can be catalogued and labelled that made all acknowledge that she was beautiful" - The Duke's Children.