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Bertram, Sir Lionel

George’s father, who neglected to provide for George’s education and sponged on him whenever he could. He retired to Littlebath, where he weighed the monetary desirability of marrying Miss Todd or Miss Baker, and was eventually refused by both.

"...a soldier of fortune ... he held a quasi-military position in Persia ... an elderly gentleman, in a military frock, with a bald head, a hook now, and a short allowance of teeth ...though elderly he was tall and upright; he was distinguished-looking ...not a little vain of his personal appearance ... but ... too clever to let his vanity show itself .... He had been useful as a great oil-jar, from which oil for the quiescence of troubled waters might ever and anon be forthcoming. Expediency was his god, and he had worshipped it with a successful devotion" - The Bertrams.