A change to the way the Trollope Society processes Direct Debits

The Trollope Society is changing the payment processor that it uses for Direct Debit payments. Our new processor, GoCardless, will be responsible for all Direct Debit collections from 19th December 2022.

If you pay your subscription or make a donation by Direct Debit and we have your email address, we will email you with the details of the change, including your new Direct Debit arrangements. There is no action required from you to continue paying your Direct Debit and the change will not affect the service you receive in any way. The only change you will notice is that GoCardless Ltd will appear on your bank statement with a reference TrollopeSoc. All your payments will continue to be fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, as detailed below.

If we do not have your email address unfortunately we will not be able to transfer your Direct Debit to our new provider. We will write to you with details of how to set up a new Direct Debit as soon as the new service is available.

Update 6th February 2023

The Trollope Society is now up and running with our new Direct Debit provider, GoCardless. The new online service allows you to set up donations by Direct Debit in a few minutes. You can quickly and easily set up a monthly or annual Direct Debit online, or make an instant one-off donation without the need to enter your bank details using your mobile phone banking app for authorisation.

We’re grateful for every donation that we receive. We rely on your support to run our Zoom meetings, our website and work to promote Anthony Trollope to new audiences. As a small charity every gift makes a difference and regular income from Direct Debits is particularly valuable to us.

Set up a new Direct Debit regular gift or instant one-off donation.