The Life and Work of Anthony Trollope ~ Podcast

Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo

New York-based writer, traveler, history buff, and former advertising/entertainment industry contributor Jonathan Russo presents his conversational sociopolitical show, “Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo.” The show centers around American and foreign politics, social affairs, and the media, drawing upon historical movements. Jonathan’s tact for comparing the past with the present by finding previously overlooked parallels, is sure to keep you informed. Interviewing talented and studied academics from across the world, the host evokes a reaction from everyone he speaks with, presenting new perspectives and context to all those listening

Resuming topic-specific episodes, Jonathan prepares an episode especially for his literary fans. Focusing on the life and work of late Victorian-era novelist Anthony Trollope, Jonathan welcomes Dominic Edwardes, chair of the Trollope Society. Together, the two dissect the uncanny similarities between Trollope’s writings and today’s financial world.

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