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The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson

N.Y., Harper, 1862. Originally published in The Cornhill Magazine, Aug. 1861-March 1862.

The story is of the partnership in a haberdashery between Brown, a retired dealer in butter, Jones his son-in-law, and Robinson, a great believer in advertising. As a result of timidity on the part of Brown, peculation by Jones and extravagance by Robinson, the business soon became bankrupt. Robinson aspired to the hand of Maryanne, Brown’s youngest daughter, but her other suitor, Brisket the butcher, seemed more prosperous. Maryanne played off one lover against the other until she was eventually discarded by both, and spent her days nursing her complaining invalid father.


"...a loosely written, satirical sketch ... which a hostile critic might be excused for describing as Thackeray-and-water." - Escott