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Not If I Know It

N.Y., Munro, 1883. (Seaside Library.) Originally published in Life, Christmas number, 1882.

When Mr. and  Mrs. Horton went to visit her brother at Hallam Hall at Christmas time, Mr. Horton asked George Wade, his brother-in-law, for the use of his name on a paper. Without asking the nature of the paper, but assuming it was a financial obligation, his host replied hastily, “Not if I know it.” Mr. Horton was very angry, as the favor he asked was simply the signature of some one who had known him for a number of years. He determined to leave the house at once, but was persuaded by his wife that the Christmas time was one of forgiveness. Under the influence of the Christmas sermon the next day, an apology was made, the request explained, and the two men became reconciled.