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The House Of Heine Brothers In Munich

In Tales of All Countries, Second Series, 1863. Originally published in Public Opinion, Literary Supplement, Nov. 16, 23, 1861.

Isa Heine, daughter of the junior partner of Heine Brothers, bankers in Munich, fell in love with their young English clerk Herbert Onslow. Herbert’s father had promised him a partnership in the firm, and since his income made marriage impossible before this should be obtained, his apprenticeship seemed endless to the impatient lover. Although Isa would have been content to wait, she sympathized with his restlessness and courageously approached her formidable Uncle Hatto, senior member of the firm and a crotchety old bachelor, to ask that Herbert he given a partnership at once so that they might marry. Uncle Hatto was inclined to stand on the letter of the agreement, but Isa’s pleading persuaded him and Herbert was given the promotion.