Episode 4

Mrs. Hurtle coolly confirms that her relationship with Paul is not over, and Hetta decides she can never see him again. Georgiana foolishly insults Mr. Brehgert and loses her chance of marriage.

Melmotte is besieged by creditors. As his shares plummet, the bank becomes concerned about the security on its loan. Melmotte needs to get his hands on his emergency fund, held in Marie’s name, but she refuses to sign the money over to him. Croll intervenes to prevent Melmotte from beating Marie, and refuses to witness a forgery of Marie’s signature. Melmotte attempts a forgery of both Marie and Croll’s signatures but the bank rejects the paperwork and calls in the loan. Knowing that his dreams of becoming an English gentleman are over, Melmotte the Great Financier commits suicide.

Felix returns to the gambling tables to beat his cheating colleague at his own game. But his triumph is short lived when Mr. Broune, now his mother’s fianc√©, packs him off to Europe. Mrs. Hurtle visits Hetta before returning to the United States. She has realized that despite every effort she will never be able to come between Paul and Hetta. They are free to marry and travel the world together. As Marie, her money intact, contemplates her future as a rich young woman, Fisker arrives to sort out Melmotte’s estate and breezily tells Paul that the enthusiasm for the shares in America means that the railway will now be built.

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