Episode 3

As Paul struggles in Mexico without the funding he needs, Fisker arrives. Fisker reveals that Melmotte is less concerned with building a railway than with raising capital from the shares.

Hetta gently breaks the news of Felix’s indifference to Marie who is consumed with rage and grief. Paul returns to London, determined to expose Melmotte. But his first visit is to Hetta. He proposes to her despite the fact that he may soon be broke and she accepts. Paul goes to break the news to Mrs. Hurtle. Her response is chilling. When Felix hears about his sister’s engagement, he loses no time in telling her about Paul’s other fiancée, Mrs. Hurtle.

Meanwhile, Melmotte is elected as MP for Westminster. Taking his place in the House of Commons, he is immediately confused by the complex etiquette. Hetta tells a shocked Paul that their relationship is at an end. Ruby sneaks out to meet Felix. She tries to end their relationship when she realizes that he has no intention of marrying her, and Felix turns nasty. John Crumb comes to Ruby’s aid just in time and wins her heart in the process.

A newspaper publishes Paul’s claims about Melmotte and the railway, shaking everyone’s confidence. Torn by her feelings for Paul, Hetta visits Mrs. Hurtle to find out whether Felix’s allegations about a continuing relationship are true.

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