The Chronicles of Barset (1995-98)

All six Barsetshire novels have been dramatised for Radio 4 by Martin Wade, and directed by Cherry Cookson. The first novel to receive the Wade/Cookson treatment was The Small House at Allington. Adapted in four parts for Radio 4 in 1993, the programme was so successful that Radio 4 went on to commission the remaining five Barset novels, which were broadcast between December 1995 and March 1998.

Each novel was adapted independently and each retains its own identity, complete with its own music. The cast includes Kenneth Cranham, as Josiah Crawley; Brenda Blethyn as Mrs Dale and Anna Massey as Lady Lufton.

Episode Guide

Episode 1. The Warden – Part 1

Juliet Aubrey and Douglas Hodge star in the first episode of The Warden, with Alec McCowen. We are introduced to Mr Harding, his daughter Eleanor and Trollope’s intrepid Archdeacon, Dr Grantly.

Episode 2. The Warden – Part 2

Eleanor is torn between her loyalty for her father and her love for John Bold.

Episode 3. Barchester Towers – Part 1

The new Bishop of Barchester is appointed and arrives together with his redoubtable wife, Mrs Proudie and his odious chaplain, Mr Slope. Together they antagonise Mr Harding and the Archdeacon. Starring Juliet Aubrey, Simon Russell Beale and Alec McGowen.

Episode 4. Barchester Towers – Part 2

Eleanor Bold is caught up in the machinations of Mr Slope, as he attempts to manipulate the situation to his own advantage. Starring Juliet Aubrey, Simon Russel Beale and Alec McCowen.

Episode 5. Barchester Towers – Part 3

Slope is determined to win the hand of Eleanor Bold, to the horror of the Archdeacon. With Juliet Aubrey, Simon Russell Beale and Rosemary Leach.

Episode 6. Dr Thorne – Part 1

We are introduced to Dr Thorne, his niece Mary, Frank Gresham, his family and the railway magnate Sir Roger Scatcherd.

Episode 7. Dr Thorne – Part 2

Mary is banished from the Gresham household, as Frank’s mother attempts to force him to ‘marry money’.

Episode 8. Dr Thorne – Part 3

Mary learns the truth about her birth, and Frank remains true to her, despite his mother’s efforts.

Episode 9. Framley Parsonage – Part 1

We meet the independently minded Vicar of Framley, Mark Robarts, and his patroness, Lady Lufton.

Episode 10. Framley Parsonage – Part 2

Mark Robarts independent spirit leads him into trouble, and possible ruin.

Episode 11. Framley Parsonage – Part 3

Mark Robarts faces the reality of ruin, and Lucy faces that of her love for Lord Lufton.

Episode 12. The Small House at Allington – Part 1

We are introduced to Lily Dale and her dashing lover Adolphus Crosbie.

Episode 13. The Small House at Allington – Part 2

After staying in Allington for several weeks, Adolphus departs for Courcy Castle.

Episode 14. The Small House at Allington – Part 3

Adolphus breaks his engagement to Lily, and becomes engaged to Lady Alexandrina de Courcy.

Episode 15. The Small House at Allington – Part 4

Adolphus’ marriage is unhappy, Lily remains steadfast in her love for him.

Episode 16. The Last Chronicle of Barset – Part 1

Josiah Crawley, the curate of Hogglestock is accused of stealing a cheque for £20, a charge against which he does not know how to defend himself.

Episode 17. The Last Chronicle of Barset – Part 2

Mrs Proudie is determined to have Mr Crawley expelled from his pulpit, whilst Major Grantly proposes marriage to Grace Crawley, despite her father’s difficulties.

Episode 18. The Last Chronicle of Barset – Part 3

Johnny Eames once more offers his hand to Lily Dale, whilst in London Conway Dalrymple is painting a portrait of Clara Van Siever in secret.

Episode 19. The Last Chronicle of Barset – Part 4

Mr Toogood takes on Mr Crawley’s case, and Johnny Eames sets off to find the Dean of Barchester and his wife who have been abroad since the start of Mr Crawley’s troubles.

Episode 20. The Last Chronicle of Barset – Part 5

The mystery of the cheque is cleared up, Major Grantly marries Grace Crawley, and we take our leave of Trollope’s much loved imaginary county of Barsetshire.