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Anthony Trollope born

24 April 1815

Anthony Trollope born in Keppel Street London

Starts as dayboy at Harrow school

1 September 1823

Starts as a dayboy at Harrow school

Starts at Arthur Drury’s school at Sunbury

1 September 1825

Starts at Sunbury

Hydrolic crane invented

1 January 1845

The hydrolic crane was invented

‘The Kellys and the O’Kellys’ published by Colburn

1 June 1848

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Telegraph cable laid under atlantic

1 January 1850

The first telegraph cable was laid under the Altantic

La Vendee published

1 June 1850

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The Warden published

1 January 1855

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Aniline dye invented

1 January 1856

Analine dye invented