Group Reading of Anthony Trollope ~ Harry Heathcote of Gangoil

The Trollope reading list was founded by Elizabeth Thomsen in January, 1994. We read Trollope’s work in weekly segments and engage in specific discussion of the readings. We also discuss related aspects of Victorian life and culture. Any matter relating to Anthony Trollope is sure to be of interest to our group.

List members are from many countries and represent a variety of engagements with Trollope’s work ranging from the casual to the academic. The stimulation of our list derives from the interplay of these diverse points of view. Everyone is welcome to comment and to interact. Our list is unmoderated and is open to everyone’s participation. All we ask is that list members engage in the discussion with the same civility and greatness of spirit that Anthony Trollope expressed in his writing.

The group will be reading Harry Heathcote of Gangoil from 30 November 2020.

For more information visit Group Reading of Anthony Trollope.

Address: Online Discussion Group